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1/4 Ton Lever Hoist

Completely repairable with easy access design. Load tested to 150% of rated capacity. Meets all applicable ANSI/ASME standards. Single-hand control of free-chain function. Weston Style Load Break. Low temperature grease functions to -45°C (-49°F). Features: Central bushing that fixes the axis of rotation of the pinion shaft to create a smoother and stronger overall operation. Steel grip ring for increased durability. Machined and case hardened ratchet gear with deep-cut teeth for increased strength and durability. Single-hand control of free-chain function for easy and quick operation. Two pawl gear engagement for increased safety and power. Long length rubber grip with stamped ribs to accommodate diverse sizes of hands and application environments. Robust, drop forged alloy steel hooks with wide throat openings for durability and versatility.

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